After finishing school at the ripe old age of 17, I jumped straight into my nursing career by completing a 3 year General Nursing Certificate at Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Yep. The olden days.

Princess Alexandra Hospital
Virunga Volcano

I then set upon exploring the world. This opened up my mind to endless possibilities. Some good times some bad. I got sick from a virus that affected my liver. My GP told me that there was nothing to be done about it, and so off I trotted to the naturopath. 2 weeks later and my liver functions were back to normal, my GP was amazed as was I. Fast forward 12 months and I’m waiting to hike to find the mountain gorillas of the Virunga Volcanos in Uganda and I am offered the chance to take part in a medicinal herb walk in the National Park.

WOW. My passion for herbal medicine was born.

Three years later – 1999 I am enrolled in the first university approved course for Bachelor of Naturopathy in Australia at Southern Cross University, in Lismore.

Four years of hard slog later I am now a qualified Naturopath. I went straight into practice in an Integrative Medicine clinic focused on skin health, in Queensland.

Southern Cross University - Lismore
Bathurst Island - NT

Soon, my passion for travel was stirred again and I travelled this time to Darwin in the Northern Territory to continue my work as a Naturopath but also to experience indigenous health care.  As a Registered Nurse I had continued my work with renal disease – haemodialysis nursing since 1997, and now I was in the heart of it, in the Northern Territory where renal disease is in epidemic proportions.  

It is here that I setup my little practice at the now closed Darwin Holistic Health Centre.  One of my favorite experiences from working in the Northern Territory was flying in and out of an aboriginal community to supervise the self care haemodialysis on Bathurst Island.  The flying part wasn’t so great in small planes during the wet season… however, I learnt so much from the resilient and fragile indigenous population.   

I have so much respect for the indigenous people and their culture, and I am truly grateful for my experiences.  It is at this time that I completed my Graduate Diploma in Health, at Charles Darwin University.

Late 2007 I return to Queensland – the Sunshine Coast to have my first child.  I returned to renal nursing at Nambour General Hospital – Peritoneal Dialysis and complete my Masters in Nursing through Charles Darwin University.

It’s here that my passion for naturopathy returns – fuelled by the futile work of the current medical system.  

My work as a naturopath is focused on empowerment whether preventative or in treatment of chronic disease.  Your outcomes depend on your actions, and with the right advice, your actions will serve you well.

Take positive action today!